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Intern, Translational Data Science (Project: Bridging Species)

Utrecht, Netherlands

At Genmab, we’re committed to building extra[not]ordinary futures together, by developing antibody products and pioneering, knock-your-socks-off therapies that change the lives of patients and the future of cancer treatment and serious diseases. From our people who are caring, candid, and impact-driven to our business, which is innovative and rooted in science, we believe that being proudly unique, determined to be our best, and authentic is essential to fulfilling our purpose.

The role

This exciting opportunity with our translational data science team at Genmab's Utrecht office allows you to dive into the world of single-cell sequencing as a student intern. You will play a key role in developing a comprehensive single-cell RNA (scRNA) database that enhances our understanding of therapeutic interactions at the cellular level across species. The project is vital for assessing the safety of new drug candidates before they advance to clinical trials, focusing on critical tasks such as target validation and toxicity prediction. This internship offers a unique chance to develop essential skills in computational biology and directly contribute to pioneering research in non-clinical safety with a potential clinical impact. We value your enthusiasm and readiness to learn!

Project background:

6 months internship project ' Bridging Species: Building a Cynomolgus Monkey and Human scRNA-seq Database for In-Silico Safety Studies in Antibody Research'

Cynomolgus monkeys ( Macaca fascicularis ) serve as a pivotal model in biomedical research due to their physiological similarities to humans, particularly in immunological responses. With the expanding field of antibody therapy for cancer and other diseases, understanding the nuances of gene expression at the single-cell level between humans and cynomolgus monkeys is paramount. This knowledge is particularly crucial for in-silico safety assessments, which are becoming an essential component of non-clinical evaluations. By simulating biological processes computationally, in-silico studies offer a powerful approach to predict potential adverse reactions and ensure the safety of new therapies before they reach clinical trials. This project aims to establish a comprehensive scRNA database to foster comparative analyses.


  • Database Construction: Develop a robust, user-friendly scRNA database for storing, querying, and analyzing comparative analysis between cynomolgus monkeys and humans at a single-cell resolution.

  • Data Integration: Identify and integrate the latest datasets involving cynomolgus monkey, applying cutting-edge techniques for data harmonization and quality assessment, with the final goal of creating a detailed and accessible cyno scRNA landscape.

  • Cell Type Annotation Standards: Establish a dual approach for annotating cell types within the cyno scRNA landscape, utilizing both ontology-based standardization and foundation models (e.g., scGPT, SATURN) for a comprehensive, cross-species comparison framework.

  • Differential Expression Analysis: Investigate differentially expressed (DE) genes relevant to antibody development, focusing on those coding for potential therapeutic targets.

Expected outcome :

This internship is a great opportunity to dive into pioneering research, contributing to a project that will shape the future of translational medicine and non-clinical safety. Interns will be key in developing a database that aids in creating safer, more effective therapeutic interventions through engaging data analysis.


  • Education: Currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in Computational Biology, Genetics, or a related field; ideal for final-year students or master’s candidates.

  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in R or Python; familiarity with scRNA-seq data is helpful.

  • Soft Skills: Creativity in presenting data, good teamwork skills, and a willingness to learn and contribute to a team.

About You

  • You are passionate about our purpose and genuinely care about our mission to transform the lives of patients through innovative cancer treatment
  • You bring rigor and excellence to all that you do. You are a fierce believer in our rooted-in-science approach to problem-solving
  • You are a generous collaborator who can work in teams with diverse backgrounds
  • You are determined to do and be your best and take pride in enabling the best work of others on the team
  • You are not afraid to grapple with the unknown and be innovative
  • You have experience working in a fast-growing, dynamic company (or a strong desire to)
  • You work hard and are not afraid to have a little fun while you do so


Genmab leverages the effectiveness of an agile working environment, when possible, for the betterment of employee work-life balance. Our offices are designed as open, community-based spaces that work to connect employees while being immersed in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Whether you’re in one of our collaboratively designed office spaces or working remotely, we thrive on connecting with each other to innovate.

About Genmab

Genmab is an international biotechnology company with a core purpose guiding its unstoppable team to strive towards improving the lives of patients through innovative and differentiated antibody therapeutics. For more than 20 years, its passionate, innovative and collaborative team has invented next-generation antibody technology platforms and leveraged translational research and data sciences, which has resulted in a proprietary pipeline including bispecific T-cell engagers, next-generation immune checkpoint modulators, effector function enhanced antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates. To help develop and deliver novel antibody therapies to patients, Genmab has formed 20+ strategic partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. By 2030, Genmab’s vision is to transform the lives of people with cancer and other serious diseases with Knock-Your-Socks-Off (KYSO™) antibody medicines.

Established in 1999, Genmab is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with locations in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S. and Tokyo, Japan.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are committed to fostering workplace diversity at all levels of the company and we believe it is essential for our continued success. No applicant shall be discriminated against or treated unfairly because of their race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. Learn more about our commitments on our website .

Genmab is committed to protecting your personal data and privacy. Please see our privacy policy for handling your data in connection with your application on our website .

Please note that if you are applying for a position in the Netherlands, Genmab’s policy for all permanently budgeted hires in NL is initially to offer a fixed-term employment contract for a year, if the employee performs well and if the business conditions do not change, renewal for an indefinite term may be considered after the fixed-term employment contract.

Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures


Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures