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Platform Lead Spine

Amersfoort, Netherlands


Platform Lead SPINE DPS NL

The Platform Lead Spine Lead is responsible for driving sales performance, market penetration, and sustainable growth.

The Lead will manage both the sales and marketing organization for SPINE: collaborate with stakeholders, develop strategies to improve sales and earnings and implement effective sales and marketing capabilities, build strong customer relationships, lead cultural change and develop talent, and ensure compliance.

By mapping the therapeutic area, understanding stakeholder needs, and driving performance, the Lead will play a crucial role in achieving sales objectives and establishing a high-performing organization.

Main areas of responsibility / expected results/objectives of the role

· Top & bottom line

·         Manage a sales staff in the achievement of SPINE sales to new and established hospital accounts to achieve sales objectives and greater market penetration.

·         Ensure consistent, sustainable, and profitable growth in sales revenues through positive planning, deployment, and management of sales personnel. P&L driven decision making.

· Ensure execution of SPINE strategy in NL market.

·         Interact and collaborate with all relevant internal and external stakeholders, including surgeon/KOL's, to create an environment conducive to achieving sales results.

·         Identify objectives, strategies, and action plans to improve short- and long-term sales and earnings.

· Manage organization

·         Use of data. Map out the therapeutic area and disseminate relevant data. Understand the needs of stakeholders in the therapeutic area.

·         Go to market. Build value propositions and ensure flawless execution by the organization. Lead the team to create a high-performing, agile, and customer-focused organization. Review and approve quota and account assignments. Ensure development and right servicing of hospital accounts to achieve business sales. Enhance sales and marketing capabilities within the therapeutic area.

·         Governance. Drive adoption of key processes and practices, share best practices, and utilize CRM system. Drive and implement incentive parameters and sales goals.

·         Account Planning. Participate in the preparation of sales plans, campaigns, and product development plans.

·         Ongoing improvement. Monitor sales results against forecasts and adjust business plans as necessary.

·         Budget. Develop and monitor departmental budget.

·         Customer management. Resolve difficult problems and customer complaints. Create strong and sustainable relationships with customers and spend time with sales teams in the field.

·         Team & culture. Establish and manage effective programs to coach, appraise, and train sales reps for high performance. Create a Credo-aligned culture, ensuring Health Care Compliance and integrity principles are upheld at all levels of the organization. Lead cultural change from product-focused to solution-selling. Develop a robust pipeline of diverse talent and champion initiatives for inclusivity and engagement. Provide change leadership based on growth strategies, ensuring effective communication, employee engagement, talent selection, and continuous business growth. Drive a high-performing cross-functional team, inspiring and involving all members.

Main leadership commitments involved in the role

· Connect:

o   Invest in understanding the needs of your team’s internal and external partners.

o   Look for new ideas outside your team or geography & identify how they might be applied in your group. Look to connect J&J to the communities and markets we serve.

o   Connect with a varied group of people across the company, and leverage your network for new ideas and thinking.

o   Develop an ongoing process for bringing new solutions to problems and build it into the business cycle.

· Shape:

o   Determine how to incorporate ongoing improvements into strategic plans.

o   Define new ideas for products or solutions and pass them along to leaders or those who can implement them.

o   Find ways to challenge the status quo and how things have always been done; bring new ideas or innovations to bear on existing ef­forts.

o   Build learning agility by experimenting with new approaches that can lead to breakthrough results.

· Grow:

o   Identify & develop the skills necessary for future success.

o   Leverage and spread work practices that have helped you be successful.

o   Develop your communication and influence skills to become a high-impact presenter; seek feedback on your skills in this area.

o   Share ideas on how results can be achieved more quickly.

o   Implement innovations identified in SHAPE imperative activities; inspire others by promoting new ideas and approaches.

o   Enhance your global view by engaging with those who have experience in markets, resources, or products you seek to understand more deeply.

o   Build & reinforce a sense of urgency on key projects; help others understand the criticality of these efforts.

o   Work with your leader to improve your planning & execution capabilities.

Business Environment and Context

• High complexity with rapidly-evolving healthcare landscape and increased decision makers / stakeholders (both clinical & non clinical, markets access) requires changes in our value proposition (from product to solutions), go to market models as well as shift in our internal capabilities & influencing ability to meet customer needs. Key stakeholders Non clinical stakeholders, government health ministries, healthcare systems, external organizations and trade associations, hospital groups etc.
• Highly challenging and agile competitive environment creating price pressure & talent challenges
• Tender driven
• Added value drives solutions drive the decision making
• Healthcare systems includes public and private stakeholders, with the emerging predominance of economic stakeholders
• Strong requirement to be more competitive by shaping and executing innovative new go-to-market commercial models by identifying convergence or synergy opportunities across the business


  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field
  • Proven experience in commercial operations, business analytics, or related roles within the healthcare or orthopedics industry.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to translate data into actionable insights.
  • Excellent project management and communication skills.
  • Proficiency in using analytical tools and software.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and cross-functionally.
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing strategies, digital marketing, and customer segmentation is a plus.
  • Proven ability to manage complexity & thrives in uncertain/ambiguous circumstances
  • Ability to connect and effectively collaborate across a diverse group of business stakeholders in a highly matrixed environment
  • Strong passion and track record for innovation & will to make things happen & deliver
  • Strong communication skills & influencing skills
  • Driven by results performance & excellence in the job
  • Demonstrated business success in delivering growth and gaining share
  • Strongly involved in strategic and tactical work on a daily basis requiring being able to quickly zoom in and out
  • Ability to build respect and trust with customers, employees and internal stakeholders
  • Integrity  and Credo-based leadership
  • Self- awareness and adaptability
  • Ability to lead in change
  • Quantitative skills and process oriented

Preferred :

  • Master or equivalent in business experience
  • Knowledge of the current market healthcare landscape  or environment where solution selling is the key driver
  • Operational sales experience in the healthcare industry
  • Experience working for a mid-size or multinational company

Working Relationships

(Key Internal & External Stakeholders)

Internal :


• Sales managers

• Marketing & Product Managers

• Commercial Operations Manager

• Commercial Excellence Lead

• Strategic Account Management Lead & SAM / AM team

• EMEA Leads

• Medical education Lead

• Functional Leaders

External :

• Clinical decision makers and thought leaders

• Key non clinical decision makers

• Buying groups

Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures


Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures