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About VacaturesInFarma

VacaturesInFarma is the biggest pharma job board in the Netherlands. We have curated pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands and Belgium and made it easy to stay up to date with the latest jobs. Every day, we are trying to make it a little bit easier to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry!

What makes VacaturesInFarma different from other job boards?

VacaturesInFarma is indexing jobs directly from the employers website. Therefore you are sure that every single job is on our website. This is different from LinkedIn or Indeed where this is not guaranteed.

Why did we start VacaturesInFarma?

From our own experience, it is diffictul to stay up to date with all jobs that are posted on the company websites. Going over each employers website was a hassle making it very difficult to stay up to date outside of what is posted on LinkedIn. The site is built by Martijn Nanne, a programmer with a girlfriend that was looking for a job in the pharmaceutical industry.