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Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) jobs in the Netherlands

Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) jobs involve providing administrative support and coordination for clinical trials. CTAs are responsible for assisting in the planning, initiation, and execution of clinical trials, ensuring that all activities are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and standard operating procedures (SOPs). They work closely with clinical research coordinators, investigators, and other members of the study team to ensure the smooth operation of clinical trials. CTAs are involved in various tasks, such as preparing study documents, maintaining study files, organizing and scheduling meetings, coordinating site visits, tracking study progress, and assisting in data collection and entry. They may also contribute to the preparation and review of study protocols, informed consent forms, and study reports. Attention to detail, organizational skills, efficiency, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment are important for success in this role. CTAs play a crucial role in supporting the conduct of clinical trials and contribute to the advancement of medical research.

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