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Lab Technician

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Job description

Are you willing to pioneer breakthroughs in the fight against viral infections? As a crucial member of Cerba Research's Laboratory Operations Department, your role will revolve around advancing clinical intervention studies on viral infections. From conducting advanced virological and immunological assays to managing study databases, you will play an instrumental role in shaping the future of healthcare. This position offers more than just a job; it is an opportunity to make a lasting impact on our mission to combat viral infections and to forge a transformative path for your own career.

Sounds exciting? Join us and be part of an exciting journey that leaves a meaningful mark on the life sciences sector and your professional development!

Objectives and desired outcomes

Your role as a Lab Technician holds significant importance within Cerba Research. You will be a key contributor to our clinical intervention studies on viral infections, with a primary focus on cell culture, serology, and virology assays. As a valuable member of our Laboratory Operations Department, you will report to the Groupleader and collaborate with a dynamic team comprising three directors, eight managers, and a core group of highly skilled technicians. These technicians are proficient in the latest and most advanced techniques in serology and virus characterization. Your role is integral to our mission, where advanced research and collaboration drive our efforts to combat viral infections.

In summary, these will be your key objectives :

  • Laboratory Assays : Perform a variety of virological, immunological, and occasionally molecular assays such as virus titration, neuraminidase inhibition, plaque assays, hemagglutination inhibition, neutralizing antibodies, CMI, and our proprietary Virospot Assays while ensuring accuracy, precision, and adherence to established protocols. Your work will directly impact our research efforts in viral infection studies.
  • Database Management : Take on additional responsibilities related to the management of study databases, ensuring that data is organized, accessible, and secure. Effective data management is vital for research continuity and compliance.
  • Supply Management : Oversee the efficient management of laboratory supplies, ensuring that necessary materials are readily available for research activities. This role is integral to maintaining a smooth workflow within the laboratory.
  • Administrative Tasks : Handle administrative responsibilities, including documentation and record-keeping, to support the overall efficiency of laboratory operations.
  • Collaboration : Collaborate closely with colleagues and stakeholders, including clinical trial operations, study directors/scientists, and QA managers. Your ability to communicate and coordinate with cross-functional teams is integral to the success of laboratory projects.
  • Quality Standards : Adhere to stringent quality standards in line with ISO15189, GLP, GCLP, and GCP methodologies. Maintaining these high-quality benchmarks is essential for accurate research outcomes.
  • Teamwork : Work collaboratively within a team of technicians and closely cooperate with other departments, ensuring a seamless flow of information and resources to support research objectives. You will receive guidance, support, and mentorship from your Group Leader, peers, and study directors throughout your journey with us.

By conducting important assays, managing data, and overseeing supply management, and collaborating with others, you will directly support our mission to advance clinical intervention studies on viral infections. Your work will help us better understand viral infections and develop effective interventions, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes. As part of our dedicated team, you will play an essential role in our mission's success and contribute to the growth of our organization within the life sciences sector. Furthermore, as you grow in this role, you will have the opportunity to evolve into a highly skilled laboratory professional, broaden your skill set, and potentially take on more specialized roles within the organization. This journey offers the potential to become a recognized expert, contribute to groundbreaking research, and make a lasting impact on the life sciences industry.

Job requirements

Recognized Competences

  • Honesty and integrity : these are the cornerstones of your work, ensuring that our research maintains the highest ethical standards
  • Analytical skills : your analytical skills will prove crucial in conducting and interpreting laboratory assays, and meticulous attention to detail is essential to maintain the precision and accuracy of our research outcomes
  • Persistence : in a world of complex challenges, your persistence and problem-solving abilities will guide you in navigating intricate technology issues and addressing roadblocks as they arise during our research journey
  • Teamwork : collaboration with colleagues and cross-functional teams is central to the success of our laboratory project
  • Education : Completed education at MBO/HBO level in microbiology, virology and/or immunology
  • Language : Excellent English language skills, both verbally and written
  • Preference for good appreciation of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).
  • Willingness to work onsite

Does this sound like you? Apply today!

Cerba Research is more than just a place of work; it is an organization of committed individuals united by a passion to advance world health. Serving clients in the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we are experts in serological, virological, and molecular approaches and work with a variety of viruses. Our experts are actively involved in international vaccine and antiviral research programs and is renowned for producing high-quality work that is supported by comprehensive virological and immunological research. As an equal opportunity employer, Cerba Research is fully devoted to promoting your professional growth and development.

By joining us, you will join a diverse, socially active and highly motivated community. Our dynamic workplace emphasizes teamwork, continual learning, and finding fulfillment in your job while providing plenty of opportunity for skill development, participation in a variety of initiatives, and the possibility to take ownership of your role. As a reflection of our dedication to delivering outstanding work, we also place a high priority on your work-life balance and general well-being.

Join our vibrant team that is dedicated to innovation in the life sciences sector, where you can have a positive impact while advancing your career of choice!

Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures


Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures