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Support Technician

Groningen, Netherlands


Preparation and execution of bioanalysis (BS) studies.

Preparation and execution of method development (MD), method qualification (MQ), validation (VS) and miscellaneous (MS) studies under supervision of a Senior Project Technician, Senior Research Technician, or Scientist.

Preparation and execution of operational tasks like but not limited to:

Reagent, (stock) dilution, Calibration Sample and Quality Control Sample preparation.

Sample processing with several different processing techniques.

Daily work documentation and registration.

Execution of project related technical tasks like but not limited to:

Operation and maintenance of equipment required for daily work (pH meter, balances, centrifuges ).

Operation of sample analysis equipment.

Processing of analysis data like but not limited to:

Processing of raw analytical data.

Interpretation of analytical results.

Processing of results in LIMS and/or spreadsheets.

Control proceedings like but not limited to:

Checking of processed analysis result.

Checking of processed results in LIMS and/or spreadsheets

Calibration of equipment when assigned custodian in LIMS.
Writing and review of Assay Instruction (Al) and writing of Form Assay Instructions (FAI).
Execution of LIMS activities.

In addition to these tasks, other tasks (undisclosed) can be executed as well by the Support Technician.


The level of education for this function should be at least Secondary Vocational Education level 3 (Dutch: MBO 3) in life sciences.

No relevant work experience is required for this function.

Employees with less education, but with sufficient relevant work experience, to be assessed by the Team Lead and Competence Center Director can be considered suitable for the function of Support Technician.

Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures


Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste farma vacatures